How CHiPA started…

Since 2013 the University of Sydney has been partnering with the Day of Difference Foundation, the Thyne Reid Foundation, the Australian Trauma Quality Improvement Program and health agencies to generate much needed evidence to better understand the incidence and impact of childhood trauma and ultimately, improve outcomes for children and families. The Paediatric Critical Injury Research Program aimed to address the three major gaps in childhood injury knowledge:

  • Determine the incidence of paediatric trauma Australia-wide
  • Identify the unmet needs of the parents of injured children
  • Explore outcomes of children following injury, linked to their journey from injury to discharge

This research is essential to establishing effective and sustainable interventions preventing injuries where possible, ensuring the delivery of the most appropriate care, and assisting parents of injured children as they navigate their way through the trauma journey.

In June 2017 for the first time in Australia, the team released a comprehensive report on the causes, characteristics, treatment costs and survival rates of children between 2002 and 2012.

The findings from this 10 year nation-wide study of the 686,409 injury- related hospitalisations of Australian children were alarming and require urgent action.