“I will never forget that scream. Then to turn and see the fear on my child’s face, the blood just pouring on to the floor is something I can never erase from my mind. But we were lucky. Not every child or family ends up with a happy ending. It’s because of this, that I am so passionate about seeing every possible avenue explored to reduce injury (and unnecessary heartache) in kids and families.”

Scott GrovesCharity Ambassador

“I will never forget the guttural sound of a mother being told by us that her child has just died after being hit by a car. I will never forget the helplessness we all felt as clinicians holding this mother, and praying with her over her child. No parent should have to go through what she did, but tragically, the parents of more than 150 children a year do.”

Prof. Kate CurtisSydney Nursing School, The Sydney University.