Funding for Kids Injury in Federal Budget

We are happy to announce that the Australian government has pledged:

  • $0.9 million over three years from 2018-19 to develop a new National Injury Prevention Strategy;
  • $1.0 million over two years from 2018-19 for the KIDS Foundation to provide the SeeMore Safety program to 5,000 kindergartens and preschools;
  •  $6.3 million over four years from 2018-19 to develop the Safe Sports Australia program and a national sports injury database to improve the safety of sports participation by young people;
  • $50.0 million in 2018-19 and $50.0 million in 2020-21 for a Health Innovation Fund to fund trials that support preventive health innovations and better use of health data.

We will keep you updated once we know more about the details.

In the meantime, the full Budget can be viewed via – bp2_combined

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